We are a one stop shop where you can have your clothes, including suede & leather, altered or repaired. We also make & repair curtains & cushions.

Our expert clothing alterations can transform your clothes. We can carry out a comprehensive range of clothing alterations, from wedding dress to military uniforms.  Whether you are looking for someone who can help with restructuring your wedding dress or fixing gold stripe to your military & navy uniform or you require curtain alterations and general clothing alterations, we can handle it all. If you don’t need to try your garment on, we can send  it  by Post. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

All alterations on all mens and ladies clothing

At Magic Sew, we can carry out alterations on all men and ladies clothing including suits, coats, jackets, dresses and shirts. We welcome anyone who wants to make an alternation to any garment. From wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening wear and ballgown, military & navy uniform alterations to formal wear alterations, shortening dresses, trousers, skirt and etc. we can do it all. Bring 5 garments and you pay for 4 0nly. We will ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly and that you feel comfortable in them. We can make your clothes fit you perfectly in no time at all. To find out more about our services and get a free quote, call us today.

About us
Magic Sew

Clothing Alteration Service

  • Shortening dresses, skirts, trousers, T.shirt
  • Formal wear alterations 
  • Wedding dress alterations 
  • General alteration 
  • Adding or removing zips
  • Bridal alterations
  • Tailor alterations
  • Curtain alterations
  • Military & Navy alterations, Badges, Buttons, gold stipe up
  • Leather alterations and much more