Established over 35 years ago, Magic Sew can provide sewing services for ladies and gents in Portsmouth. We specialise in wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and gown dresses for all occasions. Also we do Navy & Military services. Some alterations can be done same day or day after with extra charge.


We can alter, re style or even make just about anything. In a private mirrored fitting room we can show you what the end product would look like as well as advise and make fittings.


It is always easy to take a garment in but the skill is how to do when needing to let out and there is no fabric. We can and have done on thousands of items. All that is needed is some thought and the skill, which all our qualified tailors have.

Wedding dress

We are experienced in working with bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses. We are well known for our attention to detail and quality, approachable attitude and affordable pricing. 


A phrase we often hear. ‘It’s just a simple shorten, anyone can do this’. Another is ‘ I took it to my local dry cleaners and look’. As we all know, too short or too long is no good and would have to be re done. Better not take a chance, come to us, we will pin and shorten to just the right length. To lengthen, we can make a false hem to make it look just right. To us nothing is just a simple shorten.

Navy & Military service


We can alter your uniform, change  buttons, stitch up sleeves gold stripe and much more at a considerable price.

Curtains & Cushion

We do carry out curtain repairs and alterations at affordable prices,  change the length of the curtains and also repair any rips or tears. Our tailors have a wealth of experience and we can provide personalised curtain alteration services. We can alter curtains of all types of fabric and styles. We accept orders of all sizes and provide a quick and efficient service to our customers in Portsmouth. Contact our expert professionals to discuss your requirements.


We all have favourite items that become worn and threadbare. The beauty of our patches is that they complement the garment, so for example the pair of jeans looks even better and the patch can blend in so well that it would hardly be noticeable. For knitwear and jackets etc.


You can learn to sew or take your sewing skills to the higher level with sewing classes.

For beginners who have no experience or those who already know how to sew, learn from a professional seamstress and experienced teacher. Learn with our teacher, you do not need to pay for commercial pattern anymore, because we teach you PATTERN CUTTIN as well.